What is the Fatty Acid Consortium?

The Fatty Acid Consortium was established in mid 2009 to bring together a number of organisations with an interest in a wide range of fatty acids and derivatives (see substance list). The members come from a wide range of companies either manufacturing and/or importing fatty acids in/into the European Union. A link to the full list of current members is found to the right. We are in discussions with other potential, new members, and welcome applications from any other interested parties. Membership of the consortium is open to any EU legal entity.

The consortium employs 2 consultancy companies. Anthesis Caleb acts as consortium manger, and is responsible for all administrative aspects of running the consortium. knoell Germany GmbH acts as technical consultant to the consortium. Dr Knoell will lead all activities associated with submission of lead dossiers, substance record keeping, sameness reviewing, etc.

To facilitate operation of the consortium, especially with respect to financial matters, an independent company, FATAC Ltd, has been established as a legal entity in the UK. This company is administered by Anthesis Caleb Management Services, and we can provide more information on how this operates to any prospective member.


Substance lists
Link to one page downloadable PDF

Members lists
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Consortium management
Anthesis Caleb, Chris Stanley

FATAC Limited
Redwood House
Brotherswood Court
Almondsbury Business Park
BS32 4QW
United Kingdom

Phone no: +44 (0) 1865 250818

Technical consultants
knoell Germany GmbH

knoell Germany GmbH
Konrad-Zuse-Ring 25
68163 Mannheim

Phone no: +49 (0) 214 206 580
Fax no: +49 (0) 214 206 582 00